Week 5: Learning Online!

So we learnt about E-learning in class… If there is anything about the Internet that has benefited the world, its contribution to education is undeniable!

Internet has made it easier, more available and wider with knowledge through making information virtual in various kinds of media and searchable! It has revolutionised education and teaching in many ways and our Ministry of Education (MOE) and schools have to keep up with these methods!

In an article from 2011, schools like Maris Stella High, Ngee Ann Seconday School and even North Vista Primary Schools are  integrating technologies in creative ways to teach basic subjects like English and Math, Drama and even Physical Education and Fitness! They also learn to use many useful programmes like Microsoft Office, Garage Band, Dreamweaver, and tools such as Dropbox and Keynote in their learning, fostering them to be tech-savvy for the future. I remember my times in school when we were still using blackboards and OHPs, to big boxy computers then to flatscreens…… now it is an iPad, Macbook, Windows Slate for each student.


The resources and outlets online to education is amazing. And the best thing is some of them are even FREE! In class, we learnt about certain universities offering their courses online, such as Coursera.com which offers 626 courses from 108 schools such as Duke University, John Hopkins, Yale, Stanford and even from our very own National University of Singapore! Some of these courses are also accredited and comes with its own verified certificate! I am glad to see that there is an increasing uptake of such courses!online courses

I just found one that is really cool from our very own NTU!


While I was talking to my friend about this topic, she also introduced me to a really interesting website: http://www.codecademy.com/.


It teaches you how to code (for free!) in a really fun and interactive way, but yet simple to understand! Even I could follow it easily! It does not only teach coding, but Javascript, HTML and CSS, Ruby and Python! As you can see above, there are many interesting projects for you to try, all concise and super easy to do. I strongly recommend you to try it, just for fun! I believe that it will be useful to you!

Education has taken on another level… mobile apps! Just a simple search on iTunes, and the result list is comprehensive, over 65,000! There are apps for a range of ages (toodlers to infinity!), subjects (language, math, history etc), audiences (teachers, students, special needs etc.) and even an iTunes U that has countless learning resources like lectures, videos, books, and more. Just a scroll to some of the applications, the games are designed in many ways appeal to learners and their styles. I would think that  many of these apps inculcate and educate the children in Bloom’s 6 categories of Cognitive Dimension. It works to develop higher and lower thinking skills through different activities.

Online-Learning-Pathways1 (1)

If I have the time, I really should try one of the courses or the apps. There really is not much excuse to stop learning new things… it’s free, it’s convenient, it is easy and it works to your schedule! We should learn to harness and make use of this wonderful resource to better ourselves and our knowledge!


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