Week 13: Our Future

I think with all that we have learnt so far, it is undeniable that the Internet and technologies have been advancing faster and faster, and it will grow to become an integral part of our lives and even define our future.

We have been trying to predict the future since forever. I remember one of my favourite cartoons when I was young – The Jetsons! Some of you would hopefully recall this with fond memories as well!

I was surprised to learn that this cartoon was created in 1960s! Whilst a lot of the technology imagined in the cartoon have not come true yet, such as a robot nanny and floating vehicles. (I wish!) There is a whole genre on imagining the future: Science Fiction!

Can you believe that all the way back in 1899, someone had already imagined the iPad?? It seems like my robot nanny and floating cars might not be so far after all!

In recent years, I think the biggest trend and greatest advancement was is Augmented Reality.

Whilst I have posted about AR before, I found this really cool video from Holition, a company that specialises in using Augmented Retail. This is a perfect example of how technology would change and define everything in the future! My current peeve about shopping online is that there is no way to see how it looks on me prior to purchase. This changes things! It does make me excited for the future…

As seen from Sci-fi, our future seems to be only limited by our imagination. The possibilities are limitless and the technology just has to catch up. Just look at this, wouldn’t these be awesome if it comes true?

Future CatFuture Drink


In the mean time, we would just have to make do with these funny inventions!

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