Week 14: Reflection of the term

world of technology
We have learnt in the past term how the Internet and technologies have become pervasive in literally every aspect of our lives, and have shaped and continues to define our future.

We have looked at the 3 giants: Apple, Microsoft and Google. We have seen how they are in politics business, education, education, social and communication aspects of our lives. There is no doubt that our lives are a lot more convenient and open to the world with the introduction of the Internet and its technologies. There is almost nothing that does not involve technology and personally, I can’t imagine my life without it now.

To The Internet!

As a communication and sociology student, I am especially concerned about the effects and impacts on our future. Whilst this is no place to bring up all the communication and sociology theories to bore you.  I would say that we have to be very careful about balancing technological advances and possibilities and the dangers that it can bring.

The chapter on viruses shows us how  there can be so much deception online and how we can be crippled so easily and so helplessly. The recent Heartbleed fiasco is said to be a time-bomb waiting to explode on us, with all the confidential information collected over the past 2 years before it was detected.heartbleed

Scandals on Facebook and Google on privacy control and confidential information show that even big brand name companies might not be trusted. Conspiracy theories on Google may be far-fetched and untrue, but the truth is they do have the information and tools at hand, damage can be done, should they decide to, or if the resources fall into the wrong hand.

facebook scandalPrivacy issues

In Communication Theory class, we learnt that the media comes with its pros and cons, with its far reach and influence on the people. Similar to that, I feel that technology and The Internet is the same. The term we used was the Faustian’s Bargain, or the deal with the devil.

faustians bargain

In exchange for all the benefits and possibilities that it brings, we might give up many things like privacy, freedom and perhaps, peace and relationships. As they become more of a lifestyle than a tool, we should be wary of our dependence on these technologies. Our usage and habits can prevent some of the dangers that it may present.

Evolution with technology

This is just my reflection after this term, because whilst we have learnt so much of technologies’ possibilities and usefulness and I really do appreciate the wider understanding and awareness of the Internet world, that we may forget that it can also be a double-edged sword.

With that,


for reading my blog! Hope that you found something interesting and my thoughts not so boring. 🙂

Happy Baby!



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